Restaurants and other types of food preparation facilities very often experience sanitation problems directly associated with the build-up of grease and organic waste on floors, in drains, and under equipment. These problems include dangerous slippery floors, foul odors, and clogged or very slow flowing drains.

Mopping, hosing or even power washing with standard floor cleaning products does not remove the grease and organic waste build-up…it only liquefies it, then pushes it into drains, under equipment or hard to reach corners where it builds up over time. Added to this problem is harsh chemicals going directly into the grease trap that shuts down the grease trap microbes and causes the grease trap to go septic.

GTX3 Floor Clenz DF is specifically designed for cleaning floors, hard to access corners, cracks, crevices and drains. GTX3 Floor Clenz DF combines our proprietary advanced versatile green surfactant that allows for superior penetration and removal of oily/greasy soils. GTX3 Floor Clenz DF cleaning power makes cleaning areas where agitation or mechanical action is restricted a breeze.

Each application of GTX3 Floor Clenz DF removes layers of embedded soil and grease. GTX3 Floor Clenz DF penetrates deep into the grout for improved cleaning. Regular use prevents food and grease waste build-up, considerably reducing the danger of slippery floors, noxious odors in mop heads and significantly cutting down on organic material build-up on floors and in drains.

GTX3 Floor Clenz DF WORKS!!