Fighting Foam by Starving Filaments

Foam-causing, F.O.G.-hungry filaments like Microthrix Parvicella, Nocardia, and Type 1863 that infiltrate SBRs, oxidation ditches, extended aeration WWTP, and aerobic digesters don’t stand a chance against our newest technology. Foam RX starves these harmful filaments by removing their food source…fats, oils, grease, and fatty acids.

Bacteria on Steroids

The biological stimulants in Foam RX empower the naturally occurring bacteria to rapidly digest the grease that the filaments need to survive. Meanwhile, Foam RX’s vitamins enable certain cellular functions to accomplish this task. Once the degradation of F.O.G. and fatty acids improves, these troublesome filaments cannot survive on the dwindling food supply.

Settling Issues Solved

Foam RX also contains minerals, surface-tenson depressants, and natural buffering systems, all of which work together to rid your plant of surfactant and emulsion chemistries as well as F.O.G. and fatty acids.

Not a Band-Aid

Unlike a foaming bacterial supplement, which tends to merely cover up the foam, Foam RX addresses the root cause of the foam and provides the bacteria with the tools they need to digest and break it up in the oxidation ditches, SBRs, and extended aeration.

Benefits of Foam RX

  • Reduces & Eliminates Foam
  • Reduces Sludge & Scum Production
  • Eliminates negative impacts from incoming F.O.G.
  • Improves Settling
  • Lowers Effluent BOD & TSS