CompleteZyme L-55X is specially designed and packaged for the digestion of starches, carbohydrates, tissue, fats, grease, and oils for a wide variety of applications.

To assure optimal performance of these organisms, under the toughest condition CompleteZyme L-55X should be blended together with “high potency” nutrients, stimulants and surfactants.

CompleteZyme L-55X contains microorganisms that are capable of degrading a wide range of oils, greases, starches and carbohydrates under aerobic, facultative, anaerobic conditions.

When applied on a regular basis, CompleteZyme L-55X reduces the accumulation of grease in sumps, drains and traps. By degrading the grease, other solids are free to flow through the system.

Example Usage

  • Carpet and fabric care (odor and stain removal of milk, vomit, urine, feces, blood, coffee, wine, etc..).
  • Trap and drain maintenance for grease and odor control.
  • Waste degrader for septic tanks, wastewater systems composting (ponds, lagoons, etc.).
  • Bathroom maintenance (surface cleaning and odor control) on fixtures and floor drains.
  • Drain line treatment.
  • Laundry pre-spot and pre-soak applications.
  • Odor control in garbage pails, dumpsters, garbage truck, landfill and municipal sludge.

Benefits of CompleteZyme “L”:

  • Keeps floats clean
  • Reduces grease build-up headaches
  • Prevent emergency blockages
  • Save on line jetting
  • Reduces Odor
  • Lower grease disposal cost