Bio-Stim-Zyme is a combination of our world class PX-700 Biostimulant, super concentrated CompleteZyme “L” with 14 strains of microbes, and Synergy which is a multifaceted natural enzyme with over 6,000 different types of enzymes.

Bio-Stim-Zyme was researched and developed to solve the most difficult fat, oil, and grease problems. It is specifically designed for use where all other products have failed.

Bio-Stim-Zyme’s new formulation simultaneously targets the degradation of proteins, fats, oil, hydrocarbons, grease, lipids, cellulose and sugars. Bio-Stim-Zyme is fortified with biostimulants, nutrients and surfactants to enhance the biological activity and speed the breakdown of odor causing organic contaminants.

Benefits of Bio-Stim-Zyme:

  • Works where all other products failed
  • Triple Action Product
  • Fast Results
  • Reduces Fats, Oils, and Grease
  • Reduces Odor
  • Proven Field Results
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive natural organic product